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Clean Home is a clean theme with elegant lines and several color schemes built-in. With a customizable blurb, no-file-editing for Analytics and Adsense and a customizable home page, this design has tons of tricks up its sleeve!

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Best WordPress Theme Resources

By admin at 3:29 pm on Apr 19th, 2009. Filed under Blog.

In the world of online applications, there are many different themes available, especially for WordPress. Searching through these huge directories of themes can be annoying, and somewhat disheartening after installing cookie cutter theme after cookie cutter theme. It seems too many of the themes out there are just boring remakes of standard designs by developers who want those footer links for SEO reasons.

Well, its time to break out of this. Let me show you the best places to find themes on the net.

Top Lists

A hugely popular way to find some cream of the crop themes is to browse a few “top lists.” Top lists are lists designed to showcase the authors favorite designs or features through a list of themes that feature exactly that. Lets start are own top list of top lists for WordPress themes:

And just incase that isn’t enough theme love, make sure to check out WordPress’ official theme directory. They do a great job of keeping the site clean by removing those useless cookie cutter themes with footer links designed for SEO. Feel free to check out a few of our themes, they all have completely free versions, and a few have downloadable demos.