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Clean Home is a clean theme with elegant lines and several color schemes built-in. With a customizable blurb, no-file-editing for Analytics and Adsense and a customizable home page, this design has tons of tricks up its sleeve!

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Package Pricing

We offer several different price points to allow the consumer to select the perfect plan to fit his/her requirements.

Please note: all subsequent custom code is hereby released under the GPL! For the sake of simplicity and the lack of time, I don’t post every custom line I write for customers, but feel free to share with others!

Without further adieu, here are the packages we offer:

Basic Package: Free!

While this package is free, it doesn’t contain any customization features besides the standard widget interface. I also do not provide help or per request customizations. However, its a great theme for a basic personal blog!

Pro Package: $20+!

This package is our most common sale, it provides a ton of functionality/customization help plus some extra’s right out of the box, depending on the theme. Not not include access to our support forums. Perfect for branding your company’s blog!

Development Package: $60+

This package is the same as the Pro Pack, but allows a developer to use our theme as the basis of any project. Includes access to our support forums and per request email help customizations for unlimited (commercial) domains. Great for web developers or companies with many blogging employees.

Customized Package: $120+

This package allows on-site help and offers completely customized theme additions for your company or blog. Also comes with a year’s worth of theme technical support. Please contact us at support at gazellethemes dot com for more information on pricing.