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Clean Home is a clean theme with elegant lines and several color schemes built-in. With a customizable blurb, no-file-editing for Analytics and Adsense and a customizable home page, this design has tons of tricks up its sleeve!

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We provide these themes “as-is” meaning we can’t be responsible when your server breaks and you think it was the theme. However, we will do our best to provide any paying customer with the best support we can concerning our themes.

We’ve just launched the forum for Pro Theme Owners (or Prowners) as a way to share fixes or customizations. This will also serve as an easy way for us to spread news or tutorials or lend a helping hand on any pesky issues. We suggest posting in the forum over emailing when possible (unless its a private matter, of course!).

If you need immediate and premium support, I suggest contacting us about the Customized Package when purchasing. You’ll get a year of premium support, meaning I’ll drop whatever I’m doing and help out the best I can!

For common support, just email me at support at gazellethemes dot com and I’ll do my best to get back to you in a timely manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does my theme look odd and remarkably plain upon first install or resetting the theme options?

It likely doesn’t have the defaults set for the stylesheet, simply go into the “Theme Name Pro Options” and save it once. It should work now, just make sure to do the same thing when resetting. And don’t forget to check the other options out!

2. Installing a theme of yours slows down my blog, what can I do?

Unfortunately, the options that a Pro theme includes requires a few extra calls to the database upon each page view. Install a plugin like WP Super Cache to speed it up!