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Clean Home is a clean theme with elegant lines and several color schemes built-in. With a customizable blurb, no-file-editing for Analytics and Adsense and a customizable home page, this design has tons of tricks up its sleeve!

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Magatheme: The Minimal Magazine Theme

By Bryan at 6:39 pm on Jun 15th, 2010. Filed under Themes.

WordPress magazine themes are all the rage, but sometimes they get a little frustrating, especially if you just want to control your homepage content! Compatible with WP 2.x and the new WP 3.x, Magatheme attempts to solve this by making customizing your theme as easy as adding a widget to a sidebar, checking a box, or modifying a text box. Gone are the days of hiring someone to do those mundane changes, or even spending hours fixing them yourself. This magazine theme for WordPress has it all ready, out of the box. In fact, if all the features don’t meet your requirements, just hit me up in the support forum (Dev Package Only) and we’ll get a customized fix you you!

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Please note: all subsequent custom code is hereby released under the GPL! For the sake of simplicity and the lack of time, I don’t post every custom line I write for customers, but feel free to share with others among the WordPress community!

Out Of The Box Features:

  • Full access to the support forum with email support! (Dev Package Only).
  • New by popular demand! Automatic and custom resized thumbnails on home page excerpts (view demo).
  • An incredibly customizable homepage; category/widget window slider, 4 widget areas and sortable columns.
  • Over 15 different widget-ready sidebars for ULTIMATE control (4 homepage, 3 sidebar, up to 4 slider and 3 footer). View widget locations!
  • 4 light and subtle color themes: Blue, Red, Green and Grey.
  • Header/top navigation bar style selection, and image header option.
  • Custom post meta styling and automatic but optional drop-caps.
  • Ad integration, Adsense or similar in sidebar and header.
  • Drop down menus, and Google’s hosted java-script for fast loading.
  • Gravatar integration, zebra striped comments and author comment styling.
  • Full Feedburner (or similar) integration (email subscription and site RSS).
  • Easy tracking code integration, no PHP file editing!
  • And of course: 100% valid XHTML and CSS!
  • Recently updated with new features/fixes on May 19th

Instant Download:

We use 100% safe PayPal for your convenience. 100% satisfaction guaranteed, if you don’t like the theme and the support you receive, get your money back! If you prefer, you can download the full-featured demo (it does contain a few header nags, but the features are 100% intact). A email link will be sent to you immediately containing a unique download link, unique customer only support forum registration link (Dev Package Only) and a unique key for unlocking the demo. You’ll need the newest version of WordPress for this theme.

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Take a Quick Peak at the Pro Options Page!

You can view the options page here. If our wordpress magazine theme doesn’t have all the options you need, you can always add them by visiting the support forum (Dev Package Only) or emailing us directly!

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Clean Home ScreenshotClean Home ScreenshotClean Home ScreenshotClean Home ScreenshotClean Home ScreenshotClean Home Screenshot

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Clean Home: Big Picture Minimalism

By Bryan at 1:22 pm on May 29th, 2010. Filed under Themes.

Clean Home is a godsend for all those looking for a really clean and customized theme for use with WordPress. Completely compatible with WordPress 2.x and the new 3.x, it is a great theme to use as the basis of your branding project or as a theme that lets your content shine.

Check out the demo or view the customizable option page!

Out of the box, it features:

  • Full access to the support forum with email supportt! (Dev Package Only)
  • 100% valid XHTML and CSS!
  • Two widget areas, one on the Sidebar and one as the Top Navigation.
  • Fully customizable blurb - select between hidden, random phrase, image, Twitter Status and assigned text.
  • Three locations for Adsense integration.
  • Over 7 color schemes.
  • 2 distinct styles, selectable from inside the options.
  • Complete Feedburner integration.
  • Fully customizable Home Page, select different categories and how many articles to showcase!
  • Gravatar integration onto the homepage and in the comments.
  • Easy tracking code integration, no PHP file editing!

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Buy Pro Package $20 PayPalBuy Dev Package $60 PayPal

Advanced Options Preview:

Does the theme have all the options you want (view a sample option page!)? If not, send us an email at support @ gazellethemes . com or visit us at the support/help forums and let me know what you need in customizing the Dev Package!


Clean Home ScreenshotClean Home ScreenshotClean Home ScreenshotClean Home Screenshot

What can I customize with Clean Home Pro?

The great thing about Clean Home Pro is the fact that you can customize many different aspects of its operation and appearance. The most popular option by far is the ability to switch the sidebar to either the left or right side, depending on your mood. All it takes is checking a checkbox on the option pages and its done!

Howabout a color change? Before, you had to track down all the CSS colors and edit them one by one, with Clean Home Pro, we offer the ability to choose from a preselected color scheme so you can change the color scheme quickly and painlessly. However, we don’t lock you into the colors you don’t want, so if you feel like creating your own scheme the old fashioned way, go right ahead!

Another popular option is the custom blurb. We offer several different blurbs ranging from Twitter statuses to a random selection to per page/post blurbs. Or, if you’d like something a little simpler, just set the blurb to a static image or static text phrase. Again, all it takes is the selection from a dropdown box and some filling out a few textboxes.

Yet another option is the ability to customize the meta information shown on each post, instead of showing the date, the author, the category and tags, you can mix and match only what you want shown. For example, if you just want the author and date shown, no problem! Or maybe just the category and tags, its easy to change.

Finally, the other popular option is the ability to add Google’s tracking code (or any other tracking code) without mucking having to edit PHP files and mess something up. Take a break from mindless editing and let Clean Home Pro do it for you.

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Buy Pro Package $20 PayPalBuy Dev Package $60 PayPal