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Clean Home is a clean theme with elegant lines and several color schemes built-in. With a customizable blurb, no-file-editing for Analytics and Adsense and a customizable home page, this design has tons of tricks up its sleeve!

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Why WordPress?

There are many reasons to use WordPress, let’s list some reasons:

  1. Hundreds upon hundreds of awesome plugins. Need a plugin to handle ads? How about a plugin to greet new visitors? Maybe one that speeds up your server? They are available to any inquisitive searcher at WordPress Plugins.
  2. Great community support. has an amazing forum that anyone can hop onto, ask a question, and get a great answer, often within hours.
  3. It’s EASY! Unlike some CMS or Blogging software, WordPress is 1-2-3 easy. After installation, any goofball can post and manage their blog. Maintenance and plug-in installation is super easy, as is plug-in upgrading. And with the new WordPress 2.7, the entire thing upgrades nicely.
  4. It’s Open Source. That means you get a product that took thousands of manhours to build but is free to you. Isn’t that a great deal?
  5. Super themable. I am sure you are well aware of this one, because here you are! But honestly, WordPress is so customizable on the public end that sometimes you have a very difficult time telling if sites run on WordPress.

There are so many more reasons, it’s ridiculous! But this is a fair assessment and you should have no trouble using WordPress.